Thursday, November 23, 2006

Free eBook: Defending Yourself in the Information Age

Most people know how to protect themselves in the real world, but do you know how to protect yourself in the virtual world? Download my free ebook, 'Defending Yourself in the Information Age' and learn how.

This book explains how to protect your: computer, data, privacy and identity from being stolen. Learn about the latest digital scams, and threats that you will face everyday whether your surfing the Web, or sitting at home reading a book.

Download the book here (1.3M PDF).


The Knitter said...

Excellent book.

Anonymous said...

Its a great book with lotsa information. Just browsed thru the book and found this - AVG (

Should the link read - Thats a 'grim' picture of AVG. Anyway great effort on your part to compile this book.

Unknown said...

Sheetal that was a great catch. I am already working on a 1.1 update to the book and I will make sure to include that. I will also go back and double-check myself to make sure that their are no other errors like this one. Thanks.

GreenCoal said...

Thank you.