Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Windows Vista: New Version of Movie Maker

The new version of Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista has several improvements and enhancements that the previous version didn't have. Movie Maker includes all the basic feature that you would expect from any video editing program, but it also lets you combine still photos and audio (such as: music, narration, etc.). There are also a variety of transitions you can add to you videos (such as: fade in and out to black or white, zoom effects, and more).

Other enhancements are:
  • You're no longer being limited 320x240 preview.
  • Publish your videos directly to DVD using Windows DVD Maker.
  • Movie Maker also supports the DVR-MS format that Media Center uses to record TV shows. You can edit and save the show in WMV format, so they're playable on other devices.
This program is intended for non-professional video editors, and its designed to be easy to use. Also, until you get use to the way the program works, it might seem a little difficult to understand. As you get more sophisticated in your editing, you might soon find yourself wanting a more sophisticated product.

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