Thursday, September 20, 2007

The True Cost of Printer Ink

PC Magazine reports: "The price tag on any given printer really tells only half the story. Many times the cheapest printer for sale isn't necessarily the cheapest printer to own. And what's the most affordable printer for you in particular? Depending on how many pages you print and how much it costs to print each page, a high-priced printer with expensive cartridges could be a lot cheaper to own in the long run than a less-expensive printer with low-cost cartridges. Coming up with that long-run cost for comparison isn't always easy, but that is exactly what we did recently in PC Magazine Labs with some of the leading printers on the market. And the results were surprising."

The one thing I hate about printers is the cost of the consumables (such as the ink). I remember a few years ago buying an inexpensive Ink Jet printer for around $70. Then once the ink cartridges ran out I found why the printer was so cheap. The new ink cartridges were $70.

This article provides good background on the true cost of printer consumables.

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