Monday, December 15, 2008

Windows Vista: Starting Programs with Elevated Privileges

Do you need to automatically start applications that require elevated privileges when you log into Windows Vista? To accomplish this we are going to have to use the Vista Task Scheduler.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to do this:
Note: You need an account with administrative privileges to the computer for this tip to work.
  • Remove the programs from the Startup group if they are already there
  • From the Search field in the Start menu type "Task Scheduler".
  • In the Task Scheduler, press the "Create Task..." link in the Action panel on the right.
  • Type a name for the new task, for example "Start Notepad"
  • Check the "Run with highest privileges" checkbox
  • Click the Triggers tab.
  • Press the New button.
  • From the "Begin the task" dropdown menu, select "At log on."
  • In the setting section, choose the "Specific user or group" radio button (change if necessary).
  • Press the OK button
  • Click Actions tab, and press the New... button.
  • Enter the path for the program that you want to be launched, the press the OK button
  • Press the OK button

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