Thursday, November 04, 2010

Internet: Using Windows Explorer to Manage Your SkyDrive Files

Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive offers 25GB of free Internet based storage.  However, uploading files via a web browser can be cumbersome.  Without any extra software, there's a way to connect SkyDrive via Windows Explorer. 

Follow the steps below to map a network drive (e.g. X:\ drive) to a SkyDrive folder.
  • Go to in your web browser.
  • Sign in to the site with your Windows Live ID.
  • Copy the UID (highlighted in red) from the displayed URL, e.g.:
  • Open Windows Explorer, in the left sidebar, right-click on Network, and select Map network drive...
  • Enter the following UNC: \\\1234567890abcdef\Document
    • Notes:  
      • Replace highlight the UID in the UNC with the UID from step 3.
      • Replace “Documents” with the folder name with as appropriate.
  • Choose a drive letter, check Connect using different credentials, and press the Finish button
  • You will be prompted for your Windows Live ID.
Note: I am finding you connect and browse the files on the SkyDrive, but I am not finding you can upload to the drive from the Windows Explorer.  Although, I still find this a cool tip.

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Siva7891 said...

Hi Janson,
Did you tried it? I tried but it isn't working.