Saturday, April 02, 2011

Remove Comcast's Bandwidth Cap (Legally)

Did you know that your Comcast's bandwidth is capped at 250GB per month?  In the old days, most Internet packages were "all you can eat" (unlimited) bandwidth.

Now because of technologies like Netflix streaming and Bittorrent, ISP's (Internet Service Providers) feel that they have to cap the bandwidth to prevent a small segment of their user population (generally around 2%) from using excessive amounts of data.

I have to admit the answer to this question of removing Comcast's bandwidth cap is under whelming, but if you use a lot bandwidth and you need another option. Then for a few dollars more then Comcast's regular Internet package (which is currently starting about $45 per month, not including taxes and equipment rental) you can order the Comcast's Starter Business Class package (which is currently starting about $60 per month, not including taxes and equipment rental).

Comcast's Starter Business Class package offers unlimited bandwidth with no caps, plus it includes a few extra perks that may or may not be useful to you.

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Anonymous said...

Small notes you'll want to consider if you're in the comcast region and have other choices:

1) Comcast Business class TV is considerably more expensive than consumer TV, and you can not get a DVR.

2) Comcast business class service requires at least a 1 year contract (for multi year contracts you can drop the installation charge) for early cancellation there is a fee of ~75% of the remaining months fees.

That being said, due to not having a choice, personally I'm going to be using Comcast business class net access, w/ no tv service saving a fair amount off my existing cable account with Time warner (no caps) only downside is I'll have to teach the other members of the house how to live without cable boxes ;)