Monday, June 20, 2011

StrongVPN: Extra Security and Other Features

I recently learned about a service called StrongVPN that provides a few features I really like. I am not personally endorsing this company or its products.  Although, I would suggest investigating their service offerings to see if you like their features.

  • Extra Security: A VPN service can provide you an extra layer of security when surfing the web, or logging into a public hot spot.  All the traffic is generally encrypted between you and the VPN provider.  This makes it difficult for an attacker to steal your data while you're using a public hot spot.
  • Surfing Privately: When using a VPN service can provide you an extra layer of privacy, by hiding your true IP address from web sites. Companies mine IP address information to track your web surfing habits.
  • Overseas Web Sites: One of the unique features of StrongVPN is that they allow you to have an American IP address.  So when traveling overseas you can get access to American sites that otherwise could be blocked.  This feature also applies to other countries that they support (more information).

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