Monday, June 25, 2012

Microsoft Flight (Free Flight Simulator)

Microsoft has a long history of creating flight simulators.  I remember playing the first version of Microsoft Flight Simulator on an Apple II+.  It was crude by today's standards, but it was state of the art back in the 80's.  Flight simulators now seem second only to the real thing.

If you love flight simulators, check out Microsoft Flight.  I need to note that there are two versions.  The  free version includes basic content you need to get started.  There's also a premium version that has expanded content.

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Mark Henry said...

Flight simulators are best for those aspiring pilots so I've installed Microsoft Flight Simulator in my PC because I love to fell that once in a while I'd become a pilot of my own plane. I also had a flying games in my iPod Touch it is just the same as the flight simulator installed in my PC. I always play on it whenever I'm outside or away from home.