Monday, July 23, 2012

Windows 7: Creating a password reset disk

If you forget your password to log onto Windows 7, you can change it (without knowing the old one) by using a password reset disk. This is handy tool for accounts that aren't used often.

Note: This recovery disk has be created before you have a problem, it can't be created after you forgot your password.

Follow the instructions below: 
  • Log into the account that you want to make a password reset disk.
  • Insert the media you're going to use, such as a removable flash drive.
  • From the Start menu open the Control Panel, and select User Accounts.
  • In the left pane of the User Accounts window, click Create a Password Reset Disk.
  • In the Forgotten Password Wizard box, follow the instructions to make the disk.

Remember to keep the disk in a safe place, because anyone who has access to this media drive can change the account password on the system or access any of the data within it.

Note: that if your computer belongs to a domain, you cannot create a password reset disk. The domain administrator can reset your password for you.

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