Monday, June 03, 2013

Windows 8: Naming a Tile Group

In the new Windows 8 Start menu, you may have figured out that you can arrange icons into what are called Tile Groups. Which is exactly what the name says, a group of icons that are arranged together for a specific purpose (e.g. Office applications, Image Editing, etc.).

If you're wondering how to name these tile groups there is a little trick that you have to know. Follow the instructions below:
  • Press the WinKey to bring up the Start screen. 
  • Press the minus sign icon in the lower right hand corner (this will zoom out all the icons). 
    • Note: for touch screens you can use the reverse pinching gesture or you can hold down the Ctrl + Scroll wheel 
  • Right-click on the tile group that you want to name (this will select the tile group). 
  • In the application bar at the bottom of the screen, press "Name Group" button. 
  • A small dialog will popup with a Name field. Enter a name for a group, and press the enter key or the name button.

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