Monday, December 02, 2013

Windows 8: File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of us use Window's built-in File Explorer application (formerly known as the Windows Explorer) to manage files, folders and drives that are accessible by the local computer.

If you prefer using the keyboard to control an application, here are some of the better keyboard shortcuts to know for the File Explorer.
  • Ctrl + F: Open up the search pane. 
    • Build a complex search query using the controls in the pane to find specific files.
  • Alt + Up Arrow (or backspace): Go up a folder.
  • Alt + Right Arrow: Go forward (takes you back into your folder browsing history)
  • Alt + Left Arrow: Go back (takes you back into your folder browsing history)
  • Alt + D: Focus the address bar and select the current path.
  • Alt + P: Shows the Preview pane
  • Alt + Shift + P: Shows the Details pane
  • Alt + Enter: Properties of the selected file
  • Ctrl + Mouse wheel: changes the folder view type.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N: Creates a new folder at the current location
  • Ctrl + F1: Opens or closes the ribbon at the top of the window 
  • F4: Opens dropdown menu in the address bar.
  • F11: Puts the File Explorer into full-screen mode.
Note: The Windows File Explore tracks the folder browsing history, similar to the way Internet Explorer's tracks your browsing history. Every folder or network path you visit is remembered, you can then use the Alt+Left or Right arrow to move through the folder location history that were previously visited.

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