Monday, February 28, 2005

Testing Your Defenses (Part 1)

Make sure you test computer's defenses, to make sure you're system is protected from attacks. offers a service called 'Shields Up!' which allows you to test your Firewall ability to protect your computer.

To test your firewall:
  • Goto the Shields Up!
  • Press the Proceed button
  • Click "All Service Ports" button.
You will then see a web page that should be full of a 1024 green squares. If you see any blue or red squares, this could be an indication, that you might a vulnerability in your firewall.

Note: If you have a router with a hardware firewall, the test results will be related to it. To correct any security issues, you can rectify by updating the router's firmware or by properly configuring the router's firewall. See your router's manufacture web site, for more information on how to secure your firewall.

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