Monday, November 27, 2006

Internet Explorer: Clearing Your Browser's Cache

All browsers have a cache, where they store local copies of web pages, and files that you download. Most of the time the browser's cache is very helpful, because it prevents you from having to wait for a web page to download that you have already visited. Although there are times that you need to purge this area for one reason or another.

Generally, there are only three reasons to clear your browser's cache. One, if you're trying to download a file and you keep getting the corrupted version of that file. Two, to free hard drive space. Three, for privacy reasons, to prevent others from viewing the web sites you visited or files that you downloaded.

In Internet Explorer v6.0 to clear the cache follow the instructions below:
  • From the Tools menu, select 'Internet Options...'
  • In the General tab, under 'Temporary Internet Files' press the 'Delete Files' button to clear the cache. You can also press the 'Delete Cookies' button to purge your browser's cookies..
  • For extra measure
    • In the History section you can also press the 'Clear History' button to erase your browser's history of all the web sites that you visited.
    • Click on the Content tab, under Personal Information is the AutoComplete button. From here you can delete any saved form data by pressing the 'Clear Forms' button, or erase your saved passwords by pressing the 'Clear Password' button.
  • Press the OK button when done.
In Internet Explorer v7.0 to clear the cache follow the instructions below:
  • From the Tools menu, select 'Delete Browsing History...'
  • In the dialog you can individually delete the browser's cache, cookies, history, saved form data or passwords. You can also delete everything by pressing the 'Delete All' button.

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