Friday, November 03, 2006

Software: EverNote (Note Organizer)

Do you take a lot of notes and keep them in various places? If you're like me I like to track lots of data on several different subjects so its important to me to be able to keep all my notes in one place and make them searchable.

There are several different programs available on the market to do this, but there are two I would suggest that you check out. The first one is called OneNote from Microsoft, its part of their Office suite. The second program is called EverNote. Both of these programs can capture, search, and allow you to organize several different types of data (i.e.: text, web pages, e-mail, images, video, and more.)

EverNote comes in two versions, free and paid. Both versions are featured pack, but he paid version has three main features that the free version doesn't:
  • Synchronizing your notes with a USB flash drives or other types of removable media.
  • Handwriting, and shape recognition.
  • The ability to search in handwritten notes.

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