Friday, December 21, 2007

Windows Vista: Managing Services

Windows Vista comes with several services that can be installed on your system to add additional functionality. A number of these services are very specialize, and will only benefit people in certain types of computer environments (such as those in large organizations like a corporation or government office).

Some of these services are installed by default, while others are optional and need to be add into the system and enabled. Before you enable any service, you need to understand that you're committing resources from your computer (such as CPU time, RAM, and hard drive storage) in order for it to run.

If you enable too many of these services you can slow down your computer and get no tangable benefit. So you need to use discretion when deciding which services you want to enable.

The steps below describe how to add a new service to your system.
Note: The features and services that are available to be installed will vary based on the Windows Vista edition that you're running (i.e.: Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, etc.).
  • From the Start menu click the Control Panel folder , double-click 'Programs and Features'
  • Click 'Turn Windows features on or off' link in the left hand pane.
  • Select the check box beside the feature you want to enable.
  • Press the OK button.
Once a service is installed it can be managed using the Services console (open the 'Control Panels' folder, then open the 'Administrative Tools' folder). From there it can started, stopped, paused, resumed, and disabled.

If you need to disable a specific service you can also use the Services console to perform this action.
Warning: Don't indiscriminately stop services unless you know what they do and what effect they will have on your system. By stopping some of services, you can disable Windows.
To disable a specific service follow the steps below.
  • From the Start menu, open the 'Control Panels' folder, then open the 'Administrative Tools' and double-click Services console.
  • Scroll through the list of services and locate the service you want to disable.
  • Right-click the service and click Properties.
  • From the General tab, use the arrow by the 'Startup Type' drop down box and select Disabled.
  • Press the OK button.

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