Sunday, September 12, 2010

Windows 7: Managing User Account Control (UAC)

One of the new features that users of Vista immediately noticed (and quickly disabled) was the User Account Control or UAC. It is designed to prevent unauthorized changes to your computer, even if you're logged in as an Administrator.

The UAC will display anytime you attempt to perform a task that requires administrative rights, a dialog box will appears prompting you for permission to execute the requested action. This feature is enabled by default and Microsoft recommends that you leave it turned on. It is worth noting that in Windows 7, they made it so that it is less intrusive then it was in Vista.
  • Click Start in the search box, type User Account Control and press the Enter key.
  • By default, its set to where the green circle is at (see the image below). I personally run it at the maximum setting where the red circle is at (see the image below).

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