Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Interet Explorer 7: Deleting Remember Passwords

Internet Explorer has a very useful feature that allows the application to remember your usernames and passwords to all the different sites that you use. This feature prevents you from having remember or enter this information when you visit a web site that requires you to authenticate yourself.

If you're worried about your privacy you may not like this information being stored in your browser. I only recommend using this feature on sites that don't contain personal, private or financial information. All the sites that contain this private data should have the login information stored into an application that will encrypt it just in case your computer becomes compromised. (I will address this subject in a future article)

To delete the remembered passwords, follow the instructions below:
  • Launch Internet Explorer.
  • From the Tools menu, and select 'Internet Options...'
  • In the 'Internet Options' dialog box, on the General tab press the Delete... button in the 'Browsing History' section.
  • Press the 'Delete Passwords...' button, then press the Yes button to confirm this action.
  • When done, press the Close button, then the OK button.

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