Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Windows XP: Remote Desktop Connection Client (v6.0)

Microsoft recently release an updated version of their Remote Desktop Connection Client for Windows XP that supports the new Windows Vista features. The Remote Desktop Connection Client is used for connecting to a remote Windows computer running Remote Desktop or Windows Terminal Services. It is also used for remotely administering a Windows server that has this feature enabled.

The software includes new security features, such as it now prompts you to enter your username and password before logging on to a remote system. It then passes the credentials to the remote computer when it connects.

To download this software, check out Microsoft's KB article: 925876. This page includes links to download all versions of this application (including Windows 2003 Server, and the x86 and x64 versions).

Starting the Remote Desktop Connection Client
To launch this application from the Start menu, click 'All Programs', click Accessories, and then click 'Remote Desktop Connection'.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that the stock windows RDS is alright if you only use it once a month or less. But if you use it more than this, or if you need it for business, it's worth it to buy remote connection software so you don't have to handle the tedious process of getting it up and running. Esp in a bus setting where time is money.