Monday, June 30, 2008

Email: Making Gmail Your Default Email Client

I was asked today how to make GMail the default email client so that when you send email it will be automatically opened up. You use to be able to do this with the GMail notifier, but it looks like Google stopped developing it (no updates since 3/2006).

You can now do this with Google Talk (Google's IM chat client). Open the Setting dialog under General, check the "Open GMail when I click on email links", press the OK button.

This will make Gmail as your default mailto: handler. Which means when you click a hyperlink email address, a Gmail compose window will be pre-populated with you email address in your default web browser.


JohnMatthew said...

I use Vista and G Talk. I have this option checked in G Talk, but still it defaults to either Thunderbird or Outlook. The Default Programs control panel hasn't any other options.

Chris said...

I think every windows update (or Internet Explorer update) resets outlook as the default email client.

If you go into googletalk settings and uncheck and check this option again, it seems to re-enable gmail as the default client.

Anonymous said...

no its not a good technical way to deal with it

Anonymous said...

no its not a definite way to deal with that

pauline said...

I cannot respond to post..I have 2 emal address's aol and gmail..why is it saying no default ? sorry I am not good at laptop..other one was fine no problem responding