Monday, February 19, 2007

Article: Secure Digital (SD) and SDHC Memory Card Performance Roundup and Review

ExtremeTech reports: "When shooting digital photographs, memory card performance can be critical, particularly if you're using the continuous shooting mode many cameras support. That's the mode where the camera keeps shooting frames as long as you have the button pressed down. Typical speeds for continuous mode range from 2 frames per second in some point-and-shoot cameras to 5 fps for higher-end digital SLRs. These are settings representing high quality or raw modes. After the internal memory buffer in the camera fills up, the camera then writes out the photos to the flash memory card."

There are several different types of removable media cards (i.e.: SD, Memory Stick, MMC, etc.) that are now available that you can use in cameras, cellphones, PDAs, and other devices. The most popular of these formats is SD.

Modern SD cards are going through a technology transformation that could make the newer higher speed higher capacity cards incompatible with your older devices. If you have a high speed digital camera that can take advantage of these new advances then you might want to learn about the technology. Read the article for more information.

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