Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Internet Explorer: IE7 Pro

Personally I like the Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) browser, but there are features (such as: spell checking, and inline page search) that I wish it had. I have checked out several of the available IE7 add-ons, but I have found most of them useless. Then I came across one called 'IE7 Pro', that adds several new features to the browser that I wish came with it by default.

Below is a brief list of features the available features:
  • Tabbed Browsing Management
  • Spell Check
  • Inline Search
  • Crash Recovery
  • Proxy Switcher
  • Mouse Gesture
  • Webpage Capturer
  • AD Blocker (w/Flash Block)
  • Greasemonkey like User Scripts platform
  • And more.
Note: When you install the browser it will redirect your web searches to its site (its states this in the install procedure). The IE7Pro search uses Google results. The developer of the IE7Pro add-on makes its money to support itself through your web searches.

1 comment:

Trent said...

Somebody needs to invent something like this for Firefox! I really like the save-to-image capability.