Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Windows Vista: Creating XPS Documents

Have you ever needed to keep a copy of a certain document that you created, but didn't want to print it out. For example, if you make online purchases, you may want to make an electronic copy of the receipt of the transaction for your records.

One way to do this is use Microsoft's built-in XPS printer driver. When you print a document using this printer driver, the output will go to a local file on your computer instead of a printer. This document will look exactly like the document would if it was printed, and can be viewed or file away for future reference on your local hard drive. Another advantage to XPS is that it is an application neutral format that doesn't require the original application to be installed to use it.

To create an XPS document:
  • Open any document in just about any application and select Print.
  • In the Print dialog, choose 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' driver then press the OK button.
  • A file dialog will display, and allow you to name the file and choose where to save it.
To view an XPS document:
  • Double-click the XPS file, and it will open in Internet Explorer.

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