Thursday, November 05, 2009

Windows 7: Choose a presentation display mode

A new feature in Windows 7 allows you to quickly and easily change presentation display modes on your laptop without going into the Mobility Center. All you have do is press the Windows logo key + P and you'll be presented with a dialog that allows you to choose one of four modes:
  • Display using the built-in screen only.
  • Display a duplicate image on the built-in screen and external monitor or projector.
  • Extend the desktop across both the built-in and external display.
  • Display only on the external screen.


Jason said...

When I press "windows-P" it does not give me an option to extend my desktop across both screens. I am running an Acer Netbook with windows 7 starter. Please help.

Anonymous said...


Do it the long way first, make sure your secondary screen is "active" before you do the WIN-P shuffle..

Anonymous said...

How do I run my presentation on display 2 with my main display 1 ready for other tasks. Usually when i extend my desktop the presentation runs on display 1 and display 2 is just idle. i would want to multi-task while running the presentation on display 2/projector. Help