Monday, November 12, 2012

Windows 8: Windows Key Keyboard Shortcuts

With every new version of it operating system, Microsoft updates the keyboard shortcuts.  Sometimes it changes the functionality of older shortcuts, and it also adds new shortcuts as appropriate.

The Windows Key (WinKey) keyboard shortcuts below are for Windows 8

Key Strokes Description
WinKey Displays the Start screen.
WinKey + Pause/Break Displays System Properties page.
WinKey + D Displays the Desktop from the Start screen.
WinKey + E Displays Windows Explorer.
WinKey + F Displays Search for files and folder.
WinKey + F1 Displays Help and Support Center.
WinKey + L Lock the workstation.
WinKey + M  Minimizes all of the windows on the desktop*.
WinKey + R Displays Run dialog box.
WinKey + Tab  Lists the currently running applications.
WinKey+ PrtScrn
Takes a screenshot and saves it in the Screenshots folder under the Pictures folder. Note: On a Windows 8 tablet to take a screenshot, press the Windows button and the volume-down button simultaneously on the tablet chassis.
WinKey + Q
Displays the Global Search menu.
WinKey + W
Displays the System Settings menu.    
WinKey + , (comma)Makes all windows transparent.
WinKey + . (period)Toggles the current window to the right or left side.
WinKey + XDisplays the Quick Access menu. Note: Similar to right-clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen to view the Quick Access Menu.
WinKey + IDisplays the Settings menu.
WinKey + OLocks the orientation for devices with an accelerometer.

To find more application shortcut keys for Windows, Internet Explorer, Remote Desktop and several more, check out my Application Keyboard Shortcuts page.

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