Monday, October 08, 2018

Windows 10 October 2018 Update - Removed Features

In the April 2018 Update of Windows 10, Microsoft deprecated (removed) the Homegroup feature.  I call this out not because I liked this feature personally, but it was a semi-large feature loss for the OS.  There are some old features being remove in this version of the OS, but nothing too major.

Deprecated features (and removed)

  • The FontSmoothing option in unattend.xml has been removed. Windows 10 now uses ClearType by default.
  • The Hologram app has been replaced with Mixed Reality Viewer.
  • The Phone Companion app, has been replaced by the Phone page in the Settings app to sync smartphones with the PC.
  • The Trusted Platform Module management console, has been replaced by the Device Security page in the Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Updates through Windows Embedded Developer Update, now require you to download updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog.
  • Business Scanning, aka Distributed Scan Management (DSM)
  • limpet.exe: which is used to access TPM by Azure connectivity, has been released as open source.

Deprecated features (and NOT removed)

  • Paint has been deprecated since the April 2018 Update, but is made available for download in the Windows store for now.  At some point in the future it might be officially removed.
  • There are some programming interfaces and GUI tools that are going to be replaced:
    • Companion device dynamic lock APIS is being replaced by Dynamic Lock
    • OneSync service is being replaced by the Outlook app syncing
    • The Snipping Tool is being replaced by the Snip & Sketch app

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