Thursday, June 23, 2005

Really Useful Firefox Extensions

I have to admit, I am a Firefox fan like millions of other Windows users. If you use this browser, you quickly learn that you can literally add hundreds of extensions to expand its functionally. Most of these extensions that are available in my opinion are neat ideas, but for the most part useless.

I have read several articles from other people containing lists of that person's favorite Firefox extensions. My problem with most of these article is that most of the extensions that are listed are useless for day-to-day activities.

So I have decided to create my on own list of 'useful Firefox extensions'. Below is a list of extensions that I use everyday, and I would hate to work without them.
  • deskCut (Allows you to create shortcuts to web pages on your desktop.)
  • CopyURL+ (Quickly copies the web site title, and URL to the clipboard.)
  • IE View (Opens the current web page in Internet Explorer.)
  • Image Zoom (Allows you to zoom in or out on any image.)
  • Tabbrowser Preferences (Cause links that open as new windows, to open as tabs.)
  • Download Manager Tweak (Extends the functionality of the Download Manager.)
  • SpellBound (Spell checks your text entries in the form fields.)
  • ForecastFox (Displays weather information in the Firefox status bar.)
  • Sage (A lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension.)

Honorable Mention
There are some Firefox extensions that I plan on getting around to using more, so I decided to include them as an 'honorable mention':

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