Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Best FREE Windows Malicious Software Removal Tools

These are the best free utilities for fighting malicious software (aka Malware). Malware can be defined as any software that installs itself on your computer without your permission, generally these types of programs will try to: monitor your computer activity (spyware), display popup ads (adware), destroy data (viruses), steal information (keyboard loggers) or steal resources (such as processor, memory, and network bandwidth) for malicious activities.

The programs listed below will help you fight against these types of programs by helping you to detect, remove, and prevent your system from getting infected in the first place.

Anti-Virus Scanners (Real-time)
  • Avast (Home Edition)
  • AVG (Free Edition)
Anti-Virus Scanners (Standalone)
Anti-Virus Scanners (Online)
Spyware and Adware I have tried to make this list as complete as possible, so if you feel that I am missing a great site that should be included in this list please feel free to e-mail me (use the 'Send Comments' link on the side to this page to e-mail me). I will include all the updates in this post as soon as I am made aware of them and have verified the site.

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