Thursday, June 30, 2005

Windows XP PowerToys (Part 4)

Today's featured PowerToys are:
HTML Slide Show Wizard (Updated) [Download]
A wizard that helps you create an HTML slide show of your digital pictures that can be placed on a Web site. To access this utility, go under the 'Start menu|All Programs|PowerToys for Windows XP|Slide Show Wizard'. Then follow the wizard's prompts. When you're done a set of files will be created that can be uploaded to your web site.

CD Slide Show Generator [Download]
This utility is very similar to the HTML slide show wizard, except that it creates the slide show directly on the CD-R disk. To use this tool, put a CD-R disk into your CD-writer. Then add only images to the CD-ROM using the Windows Explorer. Click the 'Write these files to CD' task. In the Wizard select the option 'Yes add a picture viewer', and finish following the prompts in the wizard. After the CD is created, the slide show starts automatically when the CD-ROM is insert into the drive (as long as the AutoRun option is not disabled).

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Z said...

HI, i have problem viewing the slideshow created using HTML Slide Show Wizard on Firefox. Can you please help? thanks