Monday, February 06, 2006

Outlook Express: Creating a Whitelist

One of the more primitive, but most effective form of SPAM filtering is called 'whitelisting.' The way whitelisting works is it only allows you to receive messages in your inbox from a specific set of people.

Below is a set of instructions for setting up a whitelist in Outlook Express using the message rules function.
  • Launch Outlook Express
  • From the Tools menu select 'Message Rules', and then Mail.
  • Press the New button.
  • In the 'Select the conditions for your rules: ', check 'Where the From line contains people' checkbox.
  • Under 'Rule Description', click the link 'contains people'.
  • Press the 'Address Book' button. Select people from your address book that you want to permit to send you mail, then press OK when done.
  • Press the Options button. Under 'Apply rule if,' select 'Message does not contain the people below," press the OK button.
  • In the 'Select the actions for this rule:' check either 'Delete it' or 'Move it to the specified folder' (note: if you're going to use this rule, before specifying it you need to create a folder to quarantine these messages).
  • Press the OK buttons when done.

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Jorge Santana said...

incredible what you do, congratulations, you bring light to the ingorants in this web of computers.
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