Friday, February 03, 2006

Using the Web Publishing Wizard

Are you looking for an easy way to publish your digital photos to the Web? Microsoft has created the 'Web Publishing Wizard' to make it easy to publish files to the Internet.

To access this wizard:
  • Open My Computer from under the Start menu.
  • Select a file or folder that you want to publish to the Web.
  • In the Windows Explorer sidebar, there is a 'File and Folder Tasks' pane. In this pane click the link that says 'Publish the selected items to the Web'.
This will launch the Web Publishing Wizard. This wizard will walk you through rest of the publishing process. After you validate the files you want to publish, you will be asked to select a service provider to transfer the files too (by default 'MSN Groups' is there). From here you will be asked to log in to the service provider.

Note: You might have to search the web for more service providers if you don't want to use MSN Groups.

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