Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Software: Sandboxie

Have you wanted a way to surf the Internet safely? There is a program called Sandboxie that creates an virtual storage area in your computer's memory that applications can write too. This area is known as a 'sandbox' because once you close the program all the changes that were made go away, so no information is written to your local hard drive.

So in theory, if you can go to a web site and a rogue program makes it passed all your computer's defenses, it shouldn't be able to infect your computer. Also if your applications get compromised all you have to do is kill the sandbox, and all the changes are lost.
Note: Be aware when you download files with a program running within Sandboxie all the files will automatically be deleted when you close the application.
The program is free, but the creator ask you to register the program if you use it and to pay a license fee ($25 for lifetime registration).

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