Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Firefox: Keyword Bookmarks

Want to get to your favorite web sites faster in Firefox? You can use bookmark keywords to quickly get to your favorite web sites by typing specific words or abbreviations in the address bar that you select. For example, you could create on for 'http://www.google.com' by typing "g" or "gg" in the address bar and pressing enter.

To setup keyword bookmarks:
  • Open Firefox, and navigate to a web page that you want to bookmark.
  • Create a bookmark by pressing CTRL+D, or select the Bookmarks menu and select 'Bookmark This Page...'
  • From the Bookmarks menu, right-click the bookmark you just added and select Properties.
  • In the bookmark properties dialog box, type a word or letter in the Keyword field. Then press the OK button when done.
Now all you have to do is type your keyword in the address field, and you will be taken to that page.

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