Thursday, April 12, 2007

Windows Vista: Advanced Disk Performance

Warning: This tip is only for computers that have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) attached to it. Use this tip at your own risk.

If your computer has a SATA (Serial-ATA) hard drive, then Windows Vista includes a feature that utilizes aggressive write caching. This is where data is written to a RAM cache first before it's written to the hard drive. This speeds up your data write operations, although it can cause data lost if your power goes before all the data can be written to your hard drive.
  • From the Start menu, right-click on Computer, and select Manage.
  • Click on Device Manager
  • Expand the Disk Drives entry.
  • Right-click on your SATA hard drive and select Properties.
  • Click the Policies tab.
  • Check 'Enable Advanced Performance'.

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Unknown said...

Would love to know how to disable/enable write caching via the command line... I have a USB pocket HD that I want to sync with robocopy run via autorun.inf , enabling write caching before and disabling it afterwards...