Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Browser: 10 Best Firefox Extensions for Web Development, Media, Information, and Better Browsing

ExtremeTech reports: "Though Internet Explorer is still the most common browser today, Firefox is catching up, and it's only a matter of time before it claims the top spot. While I'm sure many people get the warm fuzzies when they use Firefox because they feel it's safer and it offers tabbed browsing (though IE7 has tabs now), I found more value in Firefox through its extensions and add-ons. Why? There are hundreds of extensions out there for everybody—tailored to your specific needs. As the Web developer for ExtremeTech, I turn to quite a few add-ons to make life a lot easier. Plus, there's plenty of other ways to enhance Firefox, even if all you care about is surfing the Web."

I am always looking for new useful extensions for Firefox so I was interested to read ExtremeTech's recommendations. The problem with Firefox extensions are that what one person considers useful, might be totally useless to someone else.

If you have any favorite Firefox extension(s) please post it in the comments area, and let me know why you like it. I would enjoy reading which ones you like the best.

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