Saturday, October 24, 2009

Windows 7: Its Finally Here

Well as the title says, Windows 7 is finally here, Microsoft released it on 10/22/09. I have been playing with the Windows 7 betas, and RC candidates for the past few months since Microsoft has released them to the public. Overall, I have liked the experience.

I have to admit I was worried about compatibility with one of my favorite games, but it ran like a champ even on the betas. I didn't do extensive compatibility checks , but I have only had issues with one piece of software, and one web site (which was DRM'ed and didn't recognize Windows 7).

One of the biggest changes you might first see is the new taskbar, and how you get live previews of all the Windows you have open. The second thing you might notice is that you don't get all those UAC (User Access Control) confirmations. Microsoft has made several changes and enhancements under the hood (or in the Kernel) to improve the overall OS.

So far the response in the press and in the blogosphere has been really positive, its gotten a lot of great reviews. I do see the occasional pundit article where someone will take a bug, or security flaw and blow it out of proportion (IMHO). Overall, I would highly recommend the OS to just about anyone, including Linux and Mac OS X users a like.

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