Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Web Site: Creating Craigslist Alerts

Craigslist has single-handedly destroyed newspaper classified ads.  To be honest I don't miss them.  Although, with the popularity of this site there are great deal of scams so you have to be careful.

If you're trying to find a great deal, its hard to beat Craigslist. Although, I find it annoying that you can't setup e-mail alerts on the site for my favorite searches.

What I recently discover is that you can get RSS feeds from the site for any search. To subscribe to a Craigslist's RSS feeds:
  • Go to your city's Craigslist site.
  • Enter your search terms (keywords for what you're looking for), then press the search button 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, there's an orange button with the letters RSS, click on the button.
  • Copy that page's URL and paste it into your favorite RSS feed reader.
Using your RSS feed reader, you can be notified every time an item is posted on Craigslist that matches your search criteria.

If you don't like the suggestion above, search for "Craigslist email Alerts" to find companies that offer this type of service.


Justine Cooper said...

Thank you so much for this as i have been trying to get alerts from Craigs list for ages but dont really understand the instructions! I followed your and hay presto it works, thanks again for this!

blendahtom said...

Good tip Jason! I do something similar with a service called Cl Alerts