Friday, June 30, 2006

Sending Large Email Attachments

Do you need to send someone a large file, and you're email provider won't allow you to send it because the file is too large. Below are two web sites that can help you send these large files. The only catch is that the file must be retrieved within seven days, or it will be deleted off the server.
  • Dropload:Temporarily place a file up to a 100MB.
  • YouSendIt: Temporarily place a file up to a 1GB.


olav said...

I have tracked some of these services on my list at . My favourite obviously is : Free service, no registration, no special software, use of own domain possible.

Anonymous said...

Some enterprise mail hosts like Zimbra hosting provider allow people to send up to 50MB attachments securely, through the web or a supporting mail client.

Of course, you have to be sending to someone who can receive such large attachments!

theoracle said...

I've tried out a few large file sending sites and the best I've found so far is Tonsho
I was chuffed to be able to send huge files up to 5Gb and they keep your files for 3 months on a free account, and I think longer for a paid account. They also help you to handle incoming large files too.

Email Security Service said...

Is this useful?

theoracle said...

Not sure which bit of my post you are referring to. Being able to send 5Gb files is useful for me as I need to send a large number of photos and video files for work and they are usually bigger than the 2Gb limit that most other services offer. As I also receive large files too I find Tonsho's inbound handling useful too as it stops my inbox from overflowing with large emails. The whole point is that my and my recipient's mail servers grind to a halt if we try to send such large email attachments to each other.