Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Google Earth (Updated)

Google recently released an updated version of its Google Earth. If you don't know what Google Earth is, it's a program that allows you to explore the Earth from a desktop computer. You can zoom in to just about any point on the planet, and see satellite photography of it.

Some of the new features of the program include:
  • New navigation controls. The old navigation controls at the bottom the screen are now gone, and have been replaced with a newer set of controls.
  • The data layers are easier to use. This feature allows you to display specific information on top of the satellite maps, such as schools, businesses, parks, etc.
  • Support for 3D textured buildings. Meaning bricks looks like real bricks, glass looks like real glass, etc.
  • Expanded the capabilities of the .KML file. The .KML file is used by Google Earth to add and share data. You can use the SketchUp's 3D warehouse to add realistic looking objects into Google Earth.

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