Monday, August 20, 2012

Internet Explorer: Reset Settings

Internet Explorer can be difficult to troubleshoot, partly because of the many settings and modifications that can be made to it. There's a way to undo most of these changes and roll I.E. back to its original "factory" configuration.

Microsoft includes a feature called "Reset Internet Explorer Settings", to utilize it follow the instructions below:

Warning: This feature can't be undone, use it at your own risk.
Note: This operation can also be performed from the Internet Options control panel.

  • Close all instances of  Internet Explorer except one.
  • Open the Tools menu, and select Internet Options.
  • Click the Advanced tab, and press the Reset... button.
  • Only check the Delete personal settings checkbox if you want it to reset personal features.
  • Press the OK button, and it might take a few minutes to completed.
The next time you launch I.E. it should be restored back to the factory defaults.  For more information on this feature on what is and what is not effected check out this video from Microsoft.

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