Monday, May 20, 2013

Video: Windows 8 Leap Motion in Action

I have been following Leap Motion for what feels like forever.  I wonder if it has the potential to help Windows 8 really take off.

Using Windows 8 is okay when using it with a mouse, but its even better with a touchscreen.  With a Leap Motion type of device you have the possibility of having a user interface like 'Minority Report'.

Although, I am prepared to be underwhelmed, but I would like to hope for the best.  It seems these days that most products can't live up to our expectations, but it doesn't make the technology any less cool.

Video description: "It's what we've always envisioned for Leap Motion — to break down the barriers between people and technology. Here's a video to show you how close we are. With Leap Motion technology, Windows OS is natural, easy, and fun to use. You'll navigate your desktop, browse the web, flip through photos, and do everything you do everyday in extraordinary ways —all with the wave of a hand or lift of a finger."

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