Monday, May 20, 2013

Windows 8: Charm Keyboard Shortcuts

Native Windows 8 applications don't have the traditional drop-down menus (such as File, Edit, etc.) like older desktop applications. Windows 8 apps use the "charms" side menu and the application bar (swipe up from the bottom on a touch screen or press the WinKey+Z) for these features.

The charm menus can be accessed sliding your finger to the left from the right-side of the touchscreen display, or by moving the mouse to the lower or upper right corner of the screen. There are also keyboard shortcuts for accessing these charms directly:
  • WinKey + C: Displays the Charms menu on the right side of the screen. 
    • From here you can access the Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings menus. 
  • WinKey + F: Performs a file search.
    • Windows will search for all documents that match the keywords entered.
  • WinKey + H: Opens the Sharing charm menu.
    •  Allows the sharing of content with people or applications that support this feature.
  • WinKey + I: Opens the Setting charm menu. 
    • Modify the current application or Start screen application and feature settings.
  • WinKey + K: Opens the Device charm menu. 
    • Allows you to send content to another device such as a printer.
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