Monday, February 24, 2014

Windows 8: Password Reset Disk

If a user forgets their password, not all is lost if a password reset disk was created ahead of time. This disk allows a lost password to be reset, so the user can regain access to their account and files.

This feature only works for local user accounts and only for those who take the time to create it. It's a good practice to create this disk when a new account is setup.

Make sure to put the disk in a secure location because anyone with the disk can override the security for the account.

To create a Password Reset Disk:
  • Open the Start menu, and type Password Reset, click the Settings button then click Create a password reset disk.
If you type in the wrong password, you’ll receive a message indicating that your user name and password are incorrect. Click OK when this message appears and then click the Reset password option. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password using the disk you created in the previous steps.

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