Monday, January 08, 2018

Windows 10: Tips for Traveling with the OS

If you travel domestically or internationally with you Windows 10 computer. There are features and apps in the operating system that can be leveraged to make it easier being away from home or the office. As well as working offline

When planning your trip, several great travel apps and web sites from other companies are available that can be used to help you.  There are also several built-in Widows 10 apps and features, you can leverage to help you as well.

Use the following built-in functionality when traveling:
  • Make sure the Set time zone automatically option is enabled in the Settings app. This setting is located under Time and Language, Date & time.  It is worth noting that two additional time zones can be added to the system clock in the lower right corner, just click Add clocks for different time zones.  
  • In Windows Fall Creators edition, if you click on the date and time in the taskbar can see events from your calendar under Show agenda feature.
  • Use the Print to PDF feature to keep electronic copies of travel documents (i.e. airplane itinerary, hotel reservations, etc.). Otherwise take pictures of them with a smartphone, or scan them using another device and store them on the computer for easy access.
  • Cortana has many smarts around traveling and can help while abroad by answering your questions (such as what is the local time, weather, track lists, etc.) or make reservations.
  • The Mobile Hotspot feature (available under the Settings app) allows you to turn a wired connection into a wireless connection for your mobile device.
  • Sticky notes can help you track important information that you only need temporarily.
  • Use the Snipping tool or the print screen feature to copy information (i.e. pictures, maps, etc.) off the screen and paste it into OneNote for later use.
Use the following built-in apps when traveling:
  • Use Microsoft Edge for browsing web sites while you are while abroad. The browser also supports reading ebooks in PDF and ePUB format.  In Windows Fall Creators edition, you can markup ebooks by highlighting information and writing notes.
  • The Maps app can help you plan getting around while traveling; do not forget it supports downloading maps locally for offline use.
  • The News app provides the latest local and world breaking news.
  • The Weather app displays current local and world forecast information.
  • The Calendar app can help you manage your time and itineraries.
  • Use the Mail app for managing your mail while you are on the road.
  • The Alarms and Clock app can provide alarms and world time.
  • The Calculator app has a built-in currency conversion feature.
  • The Photos app is great for managing pictures, and performing basic cleanup of photographs. In Windows Fall Creators edition, you can convert your photographs into movies or create augmented reality special effects to them.
  • OneNote is a great way to organize all notes and other information about the trip. A little known feature of OneNote is that it can index the text in a photo, so it can make it searchable. 
  • An alternative to OneNote is the Notepad or WordPad and the Calculator app to provide basic note taking or the tracking of expenses.
  • The Movies and TV app can allow you to watched downloaded content while you are offline.
  • Use Groove Music for listening to your favorite music or podcasts.
  • Skype is great for staying in contact with your friends and family or making international calls while away from home.
Additional programs that can be downloaded from the Windows Store to help you while traveling.
  • Microsoft Translator can translate from on language to another.

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