Monday, May 30, 2005

Best FREE Online Windows Tools

I have decided to create a series of posts that I am going to be calling the 'Best FREE Online ... Tools'. I consider these tools to be the best of the best, and all of them are free (unless otherwise noted). I plan to cover several different topics over the next few days and weeks.

Today's Topic
I have visited thousands of web sites, and these are the best and most useful Windows utilities sites I have found online. Each site can perform a different set of functions, such as: diagnostic, security, etc.. All these sites broken down into groups, based on the function that they can perform.

All of these sites require Internet Explorer v6.0 or higher


I have tried to make this list as complete as possible, so if you feel that I am missing a great site that should be included in this list please feel free to e-mail me (use the 'Send Comments' link on the side to this page to e-mail me). I will include all the updates in this post as soon as I am made aware of them and have verified the site.

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