Friday, May 27, 2005

Email Message Shortcuts

You can setup a shortcut that will allow you to create an e-mail message quickly. When this shortcut is launch it will open a new message in your default e-mail program.
  • Right-click an empty area on the desktop (or choose any folder), then select 'New>Shortcut'.
  • In the Shortcut Wizard, in the location box type "mailto:".
  • Press the 'Next >' button, then give the shortcut a name (for example: "Create New Message") and then press the Finished button.
If you want to, you can also pre-addressed your messages, all you have to do is add the e-mail address after the 'mailto:' (i.e.: ''). Then when you double-click the shortcut it will open up a new e-mail message that is pre-addressed to the recipient.

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