Sunday, September 18, 2005

Deleting Entries out of IE's Autocomplete Feature

If you have the Internet Explorer with the Autocomplete feature enabled in your browser, you will discover it comes in handy when trying to complete web forms where you have to enter data that you have already entered. Although if you mistype an entry in to the web form, that mistake will display everytime you use a web page with a particular fields on it.

For example, I use Google to find the proper spelling of words. Although I hate seeing those mistyped entries everytime I do a search.

There are two ways to delete items from the Autocomplete feature. One, delete all the entries in Autocomplete (sometimes this is good to do anyway for privacy reasons). Two, delete a single entry from a particular field. For example, go to favorite web site that has a field on it (i.e.: Google) then type any letter. If IE's autocomplete feature is enabled, you will see all the words/phrases that you have searched for that start with that letter.

To delete an item it the Autocomplete list:
  • Goto the web site, that has the field that contains the entry you want to delete
  • Use the up or down arrow keys to select the entry, then press the Delete key (Note: I don't mean the Backspace key).
If you type that letter again, you should not find the entry listed anymore.

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