Friday, September 09, 2005

Make the Caps Lock Key work like a Typewriter

There are some functionality of the older typewriter keyboards that some people would still prefer to use over the more modern PC keyboard. For example, when pressing the Shift key on the typewriter keyboards, it would deactivate the Caps Lock key. If you hold down the shift key on a modern PC keyboard while the Caps Lock is on, all it does is allow you to type in lowercase letters.

If you would prefer to use the older keyboard functionality in Windows XP, do the following:
  • From the Start menu, select Control Panel
  • Double-click the 'Regional and Language Options' control panel
  • Click the Languages tab
  • Press the Details... button.
  • Press the 'Key Settings...' button
Note: If the 'Key Settings...' button is grayed out, press the Add button and add another keyboard definition. Select the keyboard you want to use and then press the 'Key Settings...' button.
  • In the section called 'To turn off Caps Lock', select 'Press the SHIFT key' radio button.
  • Press the OK buttons until all the dialogs are closed.
Now whenever you press the Shift key it will disable the Caps Lock key if it is enabled. To re-enable the newer functionality, just repeat the instructions but in the second to the last step just select the other radio button.

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