Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Google Releases the Google Toolbar v2.0 for Firefox

I am a big fan of Firefox and Google, which also makes me a big fan of its Toolbar. Recently they released the Google Toolbar v2.0 for Firefox. It's available in 16 languages for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This updated toolbar includes several new features:
  • Enhanced Search Box: search using the toolbar's search box, it will offer you suggestions based on what you type.
  • Google Safe Browsing: The Google Safe Browsing extension is now integrated into Google Toolbar, this feature alerts you if you visit a web page that could be a spoof or phishing web site.
  • Subscribe to Feed: Allows you quickly and easily add RSS feeds to Google personal home page.
  • Send with Gmail: Uses Gmail as your default mail client when you click on a hyperlink that contains a MAILTO: link.
  • and more... (see the following page for a complete list of features)

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