Friday, April 28, 2006

SysInternals Process Explorer

SysInternals Process Explorer is one of those must have system diagnostics utilities, its like the Task Manager on steroids. I primarily use this utility to diagnose systems that are running slow or to see how well a process is running. It shows you all the EXEs and DLLs loaded by the system, and the processes that are using them.

Below is a brief list of features available in the current version (v.10)
  • Run as Limited User menu entry in the File menu to run a process without administrative privileges and group membership
  • Process menu includes Restart item to kill and then restart a selected process
  • Can suspend individual threads on Threads page of Process Properties dialog
  • The Find Window target moves Process Explorer's main window to the back to get it out of the way
  • Heuristics to detect more image packers
  • User name of account in which Process Explorer is running is shown in the title bar
  • As a parallel to the CPU Usage History column there's now a Private Bytes Usage History column
  • New delta private-bytes column to show changes in private virtual memory usage.
  • and more...

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