Friday, May 19, 2006

Pioneer Ships First Blu-ray Computer Drive (Article)

Pioneer Electronics recently announced that it is shipping the industry's first Blu-ray computer drive (BDR-101A). This drive can burn up to 25GB of data onto a single-layer Blu-ray disc. The drive will ships with Roxio Blu-ray Disc software and a blank TDK Blu-ray discs. You can have all this for only $1,000.

For informational purposes, I have included a brief breakdown of all the types of media (CD, DVD, BD) that are available.

Compact Disks
  • CD-R (650MB, write once)
  • CD-RW (650MB, rewriteable)
DVD Disks
  • DVD+R SL (4.7GB, write once, single-layer)
  • DVD+RW SL (4.7GB, rewriteable, single-layer)
  • DVD-R SL (4.7GB, write once, single-layer)
  • DVD-RW SL (4.7GB, rewriteable, single-layer)
  • DVD+R DL (9GB, write once, double-layer)
  • DVD+RW DL (9GB, rewriteable, double-layer)
  • DVD-R DL (9GB, write once, double-layer)
  • DVD-RW DL (9GB, rewriteable, double-layer)
Blu-Ray Disks
  • BD-R (25GB, write once)
  • BD-RE (25GB, rewriteable)

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